Glass coffee tables are a contemporary stylish alternative to more traditional coffee tables, bringing light and modernity to your room. Glass coffee tables usually fall into one of two camps; tables made of glass alone, and those that combine glass with other materials.

All glass coffee tables are made completely or primarily of glass although they do often have to incorporate other materials into the legs for strength. However the focus of the table remains upon the glass. This kind of table tends to look ultra modern and is less suited to a more traditional furnishing scheme.

glass coffee tableBy contrast glass coffee tables that combine with other materials such as wood often look far more traditional. Many incorporate a glass top with a wooden or wrought iron base. Others are used to create the effect of a display cabinet allowing ornaments, shells, or any number of other items to be placed into public view.

Glass coffee tables are particularly well suited to smaller rooms where their transparency makes them appear to take up less space. This creates the illusion that the room is actually bigger than it is. Frosted glass may be more suited to larger rooms and areas where the table is required to be more visible.

One of the primary advantages of a glass coffee table is that they are easy to clean. Due to the fact that coffee tables are designed to hold coffee cups, plates and similar items they tend to be a piece of furniture that suffers more spillages than other similar items. This is where glass coffee tables come into their own. Whereas a wooden coffee table may be more easily marked by heat and grease a glass table can be quickly and easily wiped clean even some days after a spillage. The downside of this is that glass tables do look better when they are scrupulously clean. A layer of dust ruins the very reflective properties which make them appealing.

As well as considering the looks and functionality of glass coffee tables it is also important to consider glass safety when it is used in furniture. For uses in the home it is important to check that your furniture is made with tempered as opposed to regular glass. Tempered glass is safer than ordinary glass in that if shattered it breaks into small regular pieces that are much less likely to cause harm than the shards caused by breaking regular glass. Nonetheless consideration should be given as to whether it is appropriate to purchase a glass coffee table in environments where there are small children or elderly persons living.