decoratingSo you’ve bought the coffee table, taken it home and somehow something still seems to be missing in your room. Coffee tables whilst statement making in their own right look even better if properly dressed. The following ideas are designed to help you achieve maximum visual impact from your coffee table.

• Declutter. No coffee table, large or small looks its best when covered in a thick jumble of clutter. Simple is best. If necessary remove everything and replace things one at a time until your table looks perfect. When you reach a point where it looks overdone, just take one thing away.

• Don’t think that you have to buy new items to display. Choose things that you already own, things that mean something to you, and place them on your coffee table. Not only will you be happy to see them they will provide a talking point for your visitors.
• Group like items together to make the most visual impact. Perhaps find a few similar items and then add a stack of books about those things to create a theme.
• A bowl filled with pebbles or a piece of driftwood collected on holiday can look beautiful as can a simple bowl of fruit. Similarly shells collected from the beach can create a beautiful display and a constant memory of your holiday.
• Placing similar items on a tray can help to create a feeling of unity. Choose a beautiful tray for extra visual impact if the items are simple and a simple tray if the items are more intricate.
• Make sure items on your coffee table are not too tall. You need to be able to see over the top to watch the television and to see people that you are talking to.
• Coffee tables need to look good from every angle and also from above. Bear this in mind when organizing your objects.
• If your coffee table is glass you can use the area underneath it to display items too. However consider whether you will ever want to put your feet under the table before you use this space.

The great thing about coffee tables is that you can change the display easily and frequently according to the time of year and the guests you have visiting. Don’t be afraid of experimenting; if you don’t like the final effect, remove everything and simply start again.